The Isvara Foundation is a progressive trust that awards grants to civil society organizations (see also Mission Statement below).
In 2022, the Isvara Foundation awarded grants to eight civil society organisations in Europe and Latin America, with a total combined amount of 460,000 euro.
The Foundation was established by Ayman Jallad in 2007. The foundation’s grant making is exclusively financed from a personal donation made by Mr. Jallad. The Isvara Foundation is administrated by a Foundation Board at UBS in Z├╝rich, Switzerland.
Ayman Jallad is Partner at M. Ezzat Jallad & Fils, a Beirut-based trading company in agricultural, industrial and construction equipment (also known as the Jallad Group). The Isvara Foundation is fully independent from the Jallad Group.

The Foundation does not accept unsolicited applications.

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Clarification: misinterpretations of a 2017 interview with Mr Jallad published in Politico EU have led to misunderstandings about the Isvara Foundation, such as that there are other donors co-financing the foundation. This is not the case: the Isvara Foundation is fully and exclusively funded by Mr Jallad and there are no other financial contributors. Mr Jallad’s statements quoted in
Politico referred to a number of NGO’s that have received Isvara Foundation grants since the beginning in 2007 and to occasional meetings with civil society campaigners that have provided advice to the foundation.